What We ARE

Triangle Stepping Stones is a place where 12-Step groups can hold their meetings. The “trusted servants” of those groups can hold their business meetings here and maintain their own literature & group files.

The Clubhouse is also a place where people can come to work on their own recovery programs. Sponsors can meet with sponsees here to discuss their progress; individuals leaving treatment can find established sober people here to network with, family members seeking help can come here for information and support.

Finally, TSS hopes to serve as a refuge for those of us who need a break from the trials & tribulations of daily life, creating a comfortable environment where members can relax, reconnect and then re-engage with life on life’s terms.

In a general way, anyone seeking assistance with breaking the cycle of alcoholism, addiction and the effect of those illnesses on families & friends should find a welcoming space at Triangle Stepping Stones.

What We Are NOT

TSS (“the club”) has to be very clear about this from the beginning: first of all, we are not AA, NA, Al-Anon, or any other 12-Step or recovery group. We are not bound by their traditions, nor do we favor one fellowship over another. We support all of these groups, but we are not them.

If you attend a meeting at the club and contribute a dollar to the collection basket, that money does not go to support the club except as that particular group has determined to do so in the form of rent. And the terms that TSS establishes for rent to 12-Step groups are both generous and flexible, allowing new groups to establish themselves and grow without onerous up-front expenses.

Similarly, the club is not just a social hangout, either. We expect the general thrust of all activity here to be recovery-related. There are no “sobriety police” at TSS; we are inclusive rather than exclusive, and you need not be a member to visit. We do insist, however, that there never be alcohol or other drugs on the premises.